About Us


The Mundoo Angus herd was established in 1970, and is based on the genetics of 5 bulls which were imported from Canada(4) and America(1) from the late 1980’s.

Mundoo was relocated from the North Coast of NSW to the Northern Tablelands in 2003, where we currently run 250 breeding cows & annually sell 40 bulls along with a select number of females.

The basis of our breeding program has been on structural correctness, maternal ability, calving ease, efficiency, do-ability and temperament ??“ everything we believe is essential for longevity in a profitable beef breeding operation.

Mundoo is a unique herd in that we have not used what can be considered to be mainstream Angus genetics. Instead, we have bred generations of similar type cattle enabling us with predictably, to breed calves with consistency year after year.

Our aim has always been to breed thick, well muscled cattle without
compromising any other important traits. Our cattle have been bred so
that muscling and maternal traits can co-exist.