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Glen Islay Niagara (IMP CAN) (AI)

ID: CAN 8XBorn: 29 April 1988Frame: 9Sire: Dameron Linedrive USA592Dam: Glen Islay Magic 81N CAN81NOur third sire to be imported from Canada and the first of 3 from Glen ... Read More

Glen Islay Toronto (IMP CAN) (AI)

ID: CAN 22BBorn: 21 April 1992Frame: 7Sire: Glen Islay Masterpiece 2Z CAN2ZDam: Pyramid Barbara 82T CAN82TOur second bull to be imported Canada, again from Glen Islay Ang ... Read More

Glen Islay Transformer 22E (IMP CAN) (AI)

ID: CAN 22EBorn: 11 April 1995Frame: 7Sire: Transformer 100 E A R USA946Dam: Glen Islay Erica 21A CAN21AThe last of the 5 bulls to be imported and the third and final one ... Read More

Mundoo Yatala Y124 (AI)

I.D: NWMY124Born: 28 November 2003Frame: 7Sire: DMM Dynasty 03GDam: Mundoo Laureline K2 NWMK2A paternal half brother to Y85, Yatala maintained size in his progeny yet add ... Read More

Mundoo Yonkers Y85 (AI)

I.D: NWM Y85Born: 10 July 2003Frame: 8Sire: DMM Dynasty 03G CAN03GDam: Mundoo Sunlight M19 NWMM19Out of one of arguably the best cows we have bred, Yonkers has bred some ... Read More

Oneills Mr America (IMP USA)

ID: USA1075Born: 27 March 1985Frame: 7Sire: Gunston Tall Texan USA9879465Dam: Oneills Eraline 61 USA9535578Mr America was the first bull to be imported from Oneills Angus ... Read More

Saratoga Quebec (IMP CAN) (AI)

ID: CANJM2UBorn: 27 February 1986Frame: 9Sire: Cobble Pond New Yorker USA10448971Dam: Prospect Zara 24S CAN602703Quebec was purchased from Saratoga Farms in Quebec, Canad ... Read More